July 05, 2011


You don't have to be a man, it's enough to be human, it's enough to have sentiment, it's enough to have heart. You have to know how to speak or be quiet, more than anything you have to know how to listen. You have to like poetry, dawn, a bird, the sun, the moon, the song of the winds and the music of the breeze. You must have love, a great love for somebody, or feel a void of not having that love. You must love your neighbor and respect the pain the passer-by carries with him. You must keep a secret without sacrificing.
You don't have to be first-hand or even second-hand. You may already have been deceitful, for all friends are deceitful. You don't have to be pure, nor totally impure, but you shouldn't be vulgar. You should have an ideal and fear of losing it and, in case you are not like that, you should feel a great vacuum which that leaves. You must have human resonances, your principal objective should be that of a friend. You should feel pity for sad persons and comprehend the immense emptiness of the lonely. You should like children and lament those who could not be born.
Look for a friend to like the same tastes, who is moved when called a friend. Who knows how to converse about simple things, the dew, the great rains, and the recollections of childhood. You need a friend so as not to go mad, to talk about what transpired, beautiful and sad things during the day, of the yearnings and realizations, the dreams and reality. You should like deserted streets, puddles of water and wet roads, the edge of the street, the countryside after the rain, to lie down in the grass.
One needs a friend who says it's good to live, not because life is beautiful but because he has a friend. One needs a friend to stop crying. In order not to live leaning on the past in search of lost memories. Who slaps us on the shoulder smiling or crying, but who calls us friend in order to have the consciousness of what we are still living

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