May 27, 2011


Here is some information about a Professional Portfolio:

What is a professional Portfolio?

A professional portfolio should be an accurate representation of your current qualifications and a reflection of your past work experiences (which may include previous performance evaluations).

Why do I need a professional Portfolio?

The portfolio is an easy reference for you during an interview and a place to turn to for personal reflection in the years ahead. You can look back at your previous experience and achievements if you are thinking of advancements in your current position or a completely new position.

How should the information be organized?

Use a large three ring binder with tab labeled divisions. A case or file folder may be your preference. Avoid carboard or bristol board productions. Use computer power point only when acceptable for the interview.

What should be included in my Portfolio?

cover letter
three good references
certificates appropriate for the job
previous reports on your performance or evaluation

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